ProActive - Professional Open Source Middleware for Parallel, Distributed, Multi-core Programming

ProActive - Professional Open Source Middleware for Parallel, Distributed, Multi-core Programming

ProActive Parallel Suite is an innovative Open Source solution (OW2) for acceleration and orchestration of applications, seamlessly integrated with the management of high-performance Clouds (Private and Public with bursting capabilities).

ProActive platform features High-Performance Workflowsand Application Parallelization, together with enterprise Scheduling and Orchestration coupled with the dynamic management of private Heterogeneous Grids and Clouds.
With a ProActive platform, our users tackle at once the acceleration and orchestration of all demanding enterprise applications, and the management of their own Enterprise Cloud.

Workflow & ParallelizationHPC Workflows, Application Parallelization
Accelerate & Scale your most demanding applications, execute in the Clouds:
Studio for HPC,Workflow VisualizationNative Tasks (MPI, OpenMP, Multi-thread, GPU)Java APIs for Parallelization & Distribution, MapReduceMatlab & Scilab Integration
Orchestration & SchedulingMulti-Platform Job & Workflow Scheduler
Balance HPC loads on all company resources and on external clouds:Multi-Application & Multi-TenantPortal with Data Management, Remote VisualizationRich APIs: Java, REST, CLIIntegration in existing Applications and Web Portals
Clouds & Grids IaaSHeterogeneous Resource Manager
Leverage existing infrastructures: Physical Machines (Servers, Clusters, Desktops, GPU)Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, Xen, QEMU; OpenStack)Dynamic Policies, Green ITAccounting of resource usageCloud Burst (EC2, Azure, private Data Centers)
ProActive unique features are full support for Linux, Windows and Mac, the management of Physical and Virtual machines, a rich set of APIs (Java, REST, CLI), and a graphical Studio for the design and execution of HPC workflows in the Cloud.
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